IMPORTANTPlease read these terms carefully before you attend any event in which Sonoro is involved or you are in possession of a Sonoro contract (q.v.). These terms tell you about important information and conditions that will apply during the period in which special measurements are enforced nationally in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you have any concerns or questions about these terms, please contact us via our website www.sonoromusic.com.

The terms listed below shall have the following meaning:

Covid-19 Reason means where the cancellation of a Sonoro event is caused by any Legal Requirement or where Sonoro, in its absolute discretion, decides that the event either cannot be performed or run safely or is no longer economically viable to do so.

Effective Date means 16 November 2020.

Legal Requirement(s) shall mean laws, regulatory requirements, government order or any actions, recommendations, guidance, announcements or restrictions whether made by a government body, authority, public health organisation or other similar official body.

Sonoro Contract means any contract whatsoever you may have with Sonoro that governs the supply to you by Sonoro after the Effective Date of any event entry or other service(s) at any Sonoro event, whether related to an event or otherwise, including but not exclusively entry tickets and participation tickets.

These T&Cs means the terms and conditions defined within this document, that relate to amendments to Sonoro’s standard terms and conditions, being made within the scope of events/activities that are taking place during the period in which HM Government-issued special measures are in force during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You, Your means any person who is a party to a Sonoro Contract.

These T&Cs shall apply to all events and activities in which Sonoro is involved or engaged that take place after the Effective Date until further notice in writing from Sonoro.

Where you are a party to an existing Sonoro Contract entered into prior to the Effective Date, then these T&Cs shall be treated by the parties as a variation to any such Sonoro Contract.

If there is any inconsistency in interpretation between these T&Cs on the one hand and the terms of your Sonoro Contract(s) on the other then these T&Cs shall prevail in preference to the terms of your Sonoro Contract.

Unless explicitly varied by these T&Cs, the terms of your Sonoro Contract(s) shall continue to apply in full.

3.1 Cancellation during the period of special measures for Covid-19
Sonoro may, at its absolute discretion, cancel any Sonoro event at any time by writing to you (including, but limited to, by email or via our websites). Sonoro shall not be obliged to provide reasons for any such cancellation but may, at its absolute discretion, offer a supporting Covid-19 reason. Save for providing a refund as set out below, Sonoro shall have no other liability or obligation whatsoever to you arising from any such cancellation.

3.2 Refund rights in the event of cancellation
In the event that Sonoro cancels an event in accordance with clause 3.1 above, in respect of a single event only, then it shall provide a refund of any amounts which you have already paid in respect of the applicable event.

3.3 Your right to cancel
You are offered the opportunity to purchase booking protection at the time of making a purchase using Sonoros official online ticketing facility. Booking protection covers a full refund of ticket plus booking fee should you or anyone in your party be unable to attend due to:

  • Injury or illness happening to you, or a member of your immediate family
  • Adverse weather including snow, frost, fog or storm where the Police or Government have issued travel warnings.
  • The mechanical breakdown, accident, fire or theft en route of a private vehicle taking you to the booked event.
  • You test positive for Covid-19 or are required to self-isolate due to a positive test within your immediate family.

It is your responsibility to choose whether to select this cover at the time of booking. No exchanges are refunds or tickets are offered by Sonoro outside of this booking protection cover.

3.4 Conditions of entry
Sonoro reserves the right to impose such new conditions of entry into its venues as it, at its absolute discretion, considers necessary to comply with Legal Requirements. For example, Sonoro may, at its discretion, undertake health screening prior to your attendance at any event or in any venue. Sonoro shall use all reasonable endeavours to inform you of these conditions in advance and reserves the right, without penalty or liability, to refuse entry or to eject you from any venue if these conditions are not complied with.

3.5 Social distancing and other Legal Requirements
It is your responsibility to, and to procure that any attendees that you have invited to any Sonoro event, act responsibly and in accordance with any Legal Requirement. Sonoro shall not be liable in any way for any illness or loss whatsoever arising from your failure to comply with this obligation. Sonoro reserves the right, at its absolute discretion and without penalty or liability, to deny entry to or eject from an event any person breaching such Legal Requirements.

3.6 Your responsibilities
Everyone attending Sonoro events has a duty to other event attendees and Sonoro staff and contractors and it is your responsibility to ensure that you and, as applicable, your attendees do not attend any event if at the time of the applicable event you or any attendee (or any member of your or their household or support bubble) are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms as published by the government from time to time or have been told to self-isolate by the NHS test and trace programme or should not attend because
of Legal Requirements.

3.7 Restricted attendance
Sonoro has the right to refuse entry to you at any event where a capacity limit has been set by Legal Requirements and may, at its absolute discretion, define who can attend that event. If you are denied entry refunds would be calculated as set out in 3.1 and 3.2 above. 3.8 Restricted use of venue facilities Sonoro has the right to refuse entry to designated areas or facilities which are closed or where a capacity limit has been set by Legal Requirement.

3.9 Use of face coverings
As supplied by the guidance provided in the Legal Requirements, you are required to wear a suitable face covering at all times whilst in attendance of a Sonoro event save for you having a valid exemption. The exception to this is where you are a participant in a Sonoro workshop-style event that includes a period(s) where you are singing. During this/these period(s) the guidance provided in the Legal Requirements implies the retention of your face covering in general. It must be worn during periods when you are
not singing.

If you have any questions about these T&Cs please contact Sonoro